Where to find Toronto’s Greatest Ramen

Who doesn’t enjoy a hearty bowl of ramen? Well it’s clear that Torontonians do because the popularity of the tasty part-noodle-part-soup combo has exploded throughout the city! Shops old and new are serving up both traditional ramen, as well as creating new classics that have their own unique spin on the much-loved Japanese meal.

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Photo Courtesy: @RamenIsshin

Ramen Isshin

The team at Ramen Isshin pride themselves on delivering authentic ramen as well as a growing variety of options that cater to vegetarians. To ensure perfection, the team sampled over 800 types of noodles before settling on two that would complement their delicious custom broths. The “Japanadian” poutine is also a must try!


Photo Courtesy: @ThomasDiersche

Santouka Ramen

It was always the dream of founder Hitoshi Hatanaka to serve “family-friendly, delicious and healthy ramen” and this is certainly the case at all three locations of the ever-popular egg-noodle spot. All ramen is pork bone broth based and is served to taste and temperature perfection in Santouka’s signature blue donburi bowls.


Photo Courtesy: MyFoodNation

Konjiki Ramen

With Chef and owner Mr. Atsushi Yamamoto’s uncompromising standards when it comes to ingredients and prep, it’s easy to understand why Konjiki Rameni has consistently received the Michelin-endorsed Bib Gourmand for “exceptionally good food at moderate prices”. There are great vegetarian options as well as the signature clam, chicken or pork-based broth bowls.


Photo Courtesy: @TimEatsTheWorld

Ryus Noodle Bar

If getting hand-picked from 150 ramen shops across Canada to occupy one of two spaces at Shin-Yokohama Ramen Museum in Japan doesn’t speak to the exceptional quality of Ryus Noodle Bar, we don’t know what does! Unlike many others, Ryus’ soup base is made with Ontario’s high-quality chicken, though vegetarian options are also part of the Signatures, Originals and Specials on offer.


Photo Courtesy: @ZenCloud

Tondou Ramen

One of the few places serving up Okinawa style soba noodles, Tondou Ramen is also a great place spot for non-pork eaters to delve into either chicken or vegetable ramen options. Whether opting for the large or small bowl, the tonkotsu, shio, shoyu, garlic oil, veggie or spicy miso bowls are sure to satisfy.


Photo Courtesy: @XiaoEats

Ramen Raijin

Located near Ryerson University, this spot attracts many students. However, this isn’t the college ramen you grew up on. Ramen Raijin has delicious Toyko style ramen with three types of noodle varieties to pair – thick, wavy and thin. In addition to delicious toppings and sides to customize your meal to your liking.

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